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Palmstone Primary School Recruitment Services

Palmstone Solutions are the newest education recruitment agency specialising in the provision of quality staff for primary schools in South London. We have register of well vetted and compliant teachers and classroom support staff who have chosen us to help them find work in South London primary school classrooms. We are local to the area and understand the needs of the clients we serve. Our motto “we really do care” captures the essence of what we do, the services we provide. Palmstone Solutions is run by a qualified teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience in South London.

Working on Supply

Supply teachers and support staff are a important part of schools running effectively as well as a great way for Head Teachers to meet potential long-term or permanent members of staff.

Working as Supply Staff

Supply teachers and support staff are a vital part in the effective running of any school as well as being essential for Head Teachers in order to meet their potential long-term or permanent staffing targets Supply teaching with Palmstone Solutions can offer excellent benefits:
• You will gain experience in different schools
• You can be flexible with your work schedule
• You will have opportunities to build links with several schools and get regular work or long-term positions
• You will get interview support
• You will get lesson planning support
• You will be support with Continuing Professional Development with free training courses
• You will get excellent pay rates


At Palmstone we take Safeguarding seriously. We understand the importance of safe recruitment and ongoing safeguarding support for schools, pupils, teachers and support staff.

Safe Recruitment Commitment

You can be assured that all staff recruited by Palmstone Solutions are vetted to the highest level. Palmstone Solutions ensure that the following checks are carried out and all relevant information is sent to you directly before any member of staff is supplied.
• Face-to-face interviews
• Enhanced DBS Disclosures
• Overseas Police Checks
• Barred List/List 99 checks
• Written professional reference
• Childcare Disqualification Regulation checks
• Prohibition Order Checks and EU teaching restriction check
• Eligibility to work in the UK
• Health & Identity (Photo ID) checks
Full compliance details are emailed to your school prior to a candidate arriving. All Palmstone Solutions staff will carry a Palmstone Solutions photo ID card and DBS certificate (if requested).

Concerns about Safeguarding

Should any safeguarding concerns arise about a candidate during a placement, please inform your consultant via telephone or email as soon as possible. Palmstone Solutions has a Safeguarding Adviser who is able to advise and oversee investigations and has years of experience working with local authorities and schools.

FAQs about Supply Work

Will I always get a call in the morning or can I get booked in advance?
Although we do require teachers and support staff to cover emergency absences. Many of our schools book in advance and, once you are established in schools, many will request you back up to a week in advance. If you are called with a booking in the morning we will contact you as early as possible. You can also accept jobs using our apps.

Does supply work mean daily cover?
Schools will normally book you for one day, but often the they will need cover for a week or a half-term.

Do I have to prepare work for the classes?
Most schools require teachers to prepare work for their classes if they are expecting to be covered by a supply teacher. But we advise all our teachers to have back-up work, with lesson plans or guidance for what to teach as a precaution. However, it is essential that you teach the work you have been set.

How do I get enough work as a supply teacher/support staff?
Pick up your phone! Make sure you have an answer phone for when you are in the classroom to pick up messages about work. Check our apps regularly. Be reliable, honest, be punctual as this gives you time to prepare for the lessons and, dress smartly. Most importantly, do a good job – make sure you follow plans, take instructions from staff you’re working with, manage the classroom and be fair but firm in your dealings with the pupils and staff, mark work properly and leave feedback. Be respectful to both pupils and staff and always smile. If schools like what you do, they will quickly ask for you to come back!

For assistance please call 02033022252 or email us.

Are You Looking for Staff?

At Palmstone Solutions we focus on the recruitment of staff who are able to meet the education priorities at primary schools across South London.

We really do care about education, safeguarding of children and our commitment to understanding our clients has enabled us to create services, which will deliver the best value for money in the education recruitment sector. We will benefit your school in the following areas:
• Staff Recruitment
• Pupil Attainment
• Save you time
• Value for Money
• Pupil Enrichment
• Pupil Safeguarding

We cater for all your staffing needs including:
• Short-term supply cover
• Longer-term temporary positions
• Permanent positions
To contact us please email or click here. (please create a link from here to school login page)

Booking Staff

If you would like to book immediate cover staff for your school, please contact us on: 02033022252 (7.00am – 5.00pm) Alternatively, use our online services at by logging onto the portal here LOGON or REGISTER

You can also email us the vacancy you are looking to fill, at with the following information:
• Job role
• Full time/part time/supply
• Start and end date
• Qualifications
• Any other special requirements


At Palmstone Solutions we use a simple and efficient online timesheet system. Your school will be emailed on a weekly basis with a link to the online timesheet portal. Through this portal, we will send you a list of timesheets to authorise for all Palmstone Solutions staff who have worked in your school. To log onto the portal, click here LOGON or REGISTER.

Registration Process for Job Candidates

You can initially apply to Palmstone Solutions by
• applying directly for a teaching job OR
• sending your CV to

Your CV will be assessed for suitable qualifications and experience. If you meet our initial criteria, you will be contacted by a member of the team to arrange a face to face interview and ascertain your work preferences.

At registration, you will need to provide the following:
• Passport or full birth certificate & photo ID & NI number
• Right to work in the UK (if applicable)
• Enhanced DBS certificate.
• Overseas police check (if you have lived for more than 6 months abroad in the last 5 years)
• Reference information (2 years for support staff and teachers or back to the point of qualification)
• Proof of address – e.g. bank statement or utility bill


Teacher – QTS or your original teaching certificate including your Teacher Reference Number. Pay scale point - please bring evidence of your MPS /UPS
Early Years Educator / Nursery Nurse - Please provide your original certificate stating your Level 3 qualification
Teaching Assistant - Please provide any relevant qualification / training certificates including Maths and English GCSE (if held)

During your registration interview, you will be able to discuss your teaching work requirements, complete all relevant registration documents and be provided with information about our services. The whole process should take no more than an hour. After your interview, the Compliance team at Palmstone Solutions will process your application. Reference checking is critical and so providing clear and accurate reference information will enable us to clear you for work promptly.

Recommend a friend

If you have a qualified friend, we can help them find work and you will get a reward from us. Recommend a teacher, an LSA, Nursery Nurse, Cover Supervisor or Teaching Assistant and get a £50 John Lewis voucher.

What we need when you recommend:
Your full name
Your email address
Friend’s full name
Friend’s email
Friend’s phone number
Friend’s specialism

For assistance please call 02033022252 or email us.

Terms and conditions

The recommended candidate must complete the full registration and clearance procedure set out by Palmstone Solutions for recruitment.

A cheque for £50 will be sent out via post once the recommended candidate has completed 10 full days of work with Palmstone Solutions. To make a recommendation you must be or have been registered with Palmstone Solutions.