Palmstone Solutions

Palmstone Health Care Services

At Palmstone, Health care agency staff can choose when and where to work, on a first come first served basis, through our easy to use app. All agency staff get alerts on their mobile devices when a job comes in and they can accept or decline the jobs. The first to accept the position gets the job.

Continuous Professional development of our staff is very important to us. It is also important to us that our staff are compliant at all times. To this end we ensure that appropriate training is given to all staff and updated when due. Some of the training is at no extra cost to the employee.

For assistance please call 02033022252 or email us.


If you have a qualified friend, we can help them find work and you will get a reward from us. Recommend a nurse, carer, domestique or admin staff and get a £50 John Lewis voucher.

What we need when you recommend:
Your full name
Your email address
Friend’s full name
Friend’s email
Friend’s phone number
Friend’s specialism

For assistance please call 02033022252 or email us.

The recommended candidate must complete the full registration and clearance procedure set out by Palmstone Solutions for recruitment.

A cheque for £50 will be sent out via post once the recommended candidate has completed 10 full days of work with Palmstone Solutions. To make a recommendation you must be or have been registered with Palmstone Solutions.