Palmstone Solutions

Welcome to Palmstone Care Services

At Palmstone Care Services we provide domiciliary care services to adults who need our service without discrimination.

Our Vision

At Palmstone Care Services, our aim is to support our clients with compassion and dignity according to their individual needs. Passion, person-centred care, respect, well-being and inclusion are the values we promote at Palmstone to our staff and Service Users because we really do care.

Our Mission

We believe that every individual is unique and that regardless of one’s health and or social conditions, one should be able to achieve to the best of their ability and live a happy and comfortable life with a little bit of help. We pursue a flexible but holistic approach to the provision of Health Care.


Palmstone Care Services do not under-estimate the importance of individualised care in the community, of supporting and influencing how people live within their communities today and in the future. We do realise that most people now prefer to be looked after in their own home environment. For this reason, we are able to provide an all-inclusive support service be it for respite, emergency situations, 24-hr live-in care or a drop-in service.

We always work hand in hand with the Service User and/or relative or person with the power of attorney. |Read more...|